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Admin Internship Placement

Operations & Admin
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Beranang, Selangor

About The Job

 Basic Responsibilities

1. Contact potential leads to get the contact of right person in charge
-Collect and record all the contact information

2. Contact Universities & Colleges for Internship Collaboration
-Contact both public and private universities by calling them and email them
-Come out the engagement listing and prepare the time frame for the internship duration from different Universities/Colleges

3. Data Entry on existing contact listing
-Record and come out the listing of the contact 
-Extract information from brochure or magazine

4. Stock Count
-Maintain the inventory of company, arrange and label the stock take
-Prepare the inventory listing to coordinate inventory activities

5. Make Enquiry for Import & Export
-Identify import & export companies
-Prepare the listing to record the contact details of the person in charge and the charging rate on custom duty and shipping fees
-Currently focus on China to Malaysia and Malaysia to the United States
-Make enquiries for importing and exporting in other countries after the current focused have been done

6. Prepare Logistic Listing
-Identify local and international logistic companies
-Prepare the listing to record the contact details of the person in charge and the charging rate on the shipping fees

7.Identify Government Policies & Qualification Bodies
-Identify government policies or any qualification bodies for electronics and technology industries, government grant, SIRIM, Certificate of Origin and others
-Come out listing by collecting all the contact information from relevant government statutory bodies and qualification bodies

8. Collect and Record the Application Process
-Identify all the process for applying statutory contribution, government grant, SIRIM, Certificate of Origin and any other relevant government policies and qualification bodies
-Record and document all the application process step by step

9. Performing other relevant duties when needed 

Job Requirements

1. Good and proper phone etiquette.
2. Proficient in a variety of computer software applications including Microsoft Office Suite.
3. Comfortable handling confidential information.
4. Strong organizational skills, attention to details and problem solving skills.
5. Multitasking and time-management skills with the ability to prioritize tasks. 

Our Culture


To keep up with ever changing world, continuous learning becomes important, your growth is vital to the survival of the company.


We are a people company that focuses on human technology development. Human come first before the technology.