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Web & Graphic Designer

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Bayan Baru, Penang

About The Job

  • Define and design EasyWork visual approach for all forms of communication 
  • Collaborate & work with Marketing team to support and produce website design, email newsletters and product feature pages 
  • Contribute to the creative strategy of the marketing department 
  • Design and produce digital and print materials
  • Design marketing/social media materials 
  • Work with Development team to produce mobile apps design prototype 
  • Responsible for the development of visually impactful creative ideas as well as concepts that are appealing and attractive to target audience. 

Job Requirements

Required Skills
  1. Possess at least Diploma in Art/Graphic Design/Creative Multimedia or any relevant and equivalent studies. 
  2. Proficient in Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/After Effects and other related design software 
  3. Preferred skill(s): HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress 
  4. Excellent communication skills in English. (Both written & spoken)             
  5. Have good knowledge and understanding on UX & UI patterns & concept. 
  6. Creative individual with constant updates on latest design trend. 
  7. Able to work in a team. 
  8. At least to have 1+ years of industrial experience as a professional designer. 
  9. Has proven solid portfolio 
  10. Must be willing to work in Bayan Baru, Penang. 

Our Culture


If there are words to describe work, to many people, they are likely to be “boring”, “tedious”, “tension”, “forced”, etc… (omit 100 negative words). Forget about the traditional “Law of Working”! At EasyWork, we believe work should be fun and passionate.
Ours is the Corporate Culture that Celebrates:
Respect and Trust
While we at EasyWork treat each other with respect all the time, we never forget to remind ourselves to always treat our customers the same because without customers, EasyWork will have no reason to exist. With the strong conviction, our top priority is always to treat our customers with the highest respect. Moreover, we believe that when respect is in place, customer trust will automatically be enhanced.
Initiative and Always Do More Than Is Required
At EasyWork, we believe that we should take the initiative to do more than what is expected by the customer. A very good example is that our customer service and technical support team who often offer extra assistance and suggestions to the issues experienced by customers even though their requests are beyond the scope of our services.
Creative and Breaking Conventions
No matter if it's in terms of products design, packages and plans, customer service, delivery of services, we at EasyWork always incorporate creativity into everything we do, especially in serving our valued customers.
Light-Hearted and Casual Working Environment
It’s true that at EasyWork managers and subordinates behave like friends rather than superiors and subordinates, and it is common for subordinates to joke or poke fun at managers or even the CEO and vice versa outside the meeting room or on Facebook. It’s a very light-hearted working environment, with no undertones of Authoritarianism.
Our Activities
  • Here is a great opportunity for you to join us to learn, create, grow and have fun while getting paid.
  • Relaxed but professional environment.
  • Friendly colleagues.
  • Company outings
  • Medical benefit.
  • Gym and Sauna facilities.
  • In-house pool table and game room.
  • 17″ – 19″ LCD monitor for all terminals.
  • Dual View Monitors for all technical team members.
  • Attractive prizes for staff competition.
  • Free coffee, tea and snacks provided in pantry.
Other Information


EasyWork powers thousands of companies worldwide by offering an intuitive Office & HR solution in your palm. EasyWork liberates business owners, HR admins and employees to work anywhere, anytime, boosting efficiency and productivity.   
We are a mobile-focused HR SaaS that allows employees to work anywhere. Intuitive and work by default, yet customizable for various industries.