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Creative - Visual Design (Graphics, Interior, UI/UX, etc.)
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Menara Suezcap, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

There’s only 1% of creative thinkers who can change the world with their imagination and solve problems with their creative skills either mentally (ideation) or physically (execution).

You don’t have to be poor being a designer and you don’t have to feel belittle by the world that designer is not a professional career like lawyer or doctor.


Job Requirements

What it takes to become the 1% of creative thinkers that change the world?
  • Understand that work life balance is for the 99%
  • Be willing to wisdom input before ideas output
  • Work on Mastery your skills, adding value to others and constantly overcome challenges
  • Motivated by the fear of being average and never settle for average
  • Be curious to explore & experimenting

Be the 1% of creative thinkers that:
  • Earn a good income from RM5k up to RM10k/mth or more (Your abilities set the height of your income)
  • Travel the world like you have won a lottery (Free All-In annual company trip to country like Japan, Korea etc. and even personal birthday trip with your loved ones)
  • Proud of your career and being respected (Walk the red carpet during awards night & be a hero from solving clients’ pain)
  • Your future journey are well planned (Driving your dream car or owning that dream house with your loved ones is no longer a dream)
  • Receive extra cash every year (Annual bonus of up to 3 mths)

How to become the 1% of the creative thinkers that change the world?
  • Been solving problems with creative ideas at least 5 years from the past
  • Deep wisdom of creative solution through marketing communications / advertising / technology
  • Love to kill problems, tight deadline and impress the world
  • It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen
  • Join the dreamteam nation and be 1 of our #dreamteamwarriors by applying this career with your promising Resume + Portfolio
    (Fresh grads encouraged to apply too)

Our Culture


If you want to become the 1% of creative thinkers that make a difference in your current life and achieving bold dreams with great returns. This is the opportunity for a life changing moments!


Back when we first started, we’re no different from any other creative agencies out there. You ask for it, we provide it. Not to demean ourselves but anyone can easily replace us if all we have to do is what’s expected of us. But as time passes, we finally had a Eureka! moment. We would come to realise that we think more like a visionary. It’s not so much about what it can be, but what more can it be.

Fame and fortune were never our main priority. Just like most people, we get tired of staying stagnant. We have the heart and soul to dream big so why not put them to good use. We then came to a decision. Instead of building upon what already exists, we should be thinking further ahead and create what doesn't exist yet. We are here to be the primary force driving Entrepreneurs and Businesses onto a global stage.