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Sales and marketing
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Pandan Perdana, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

  • Sales and marketing in the food delivery and catering industry
  • How to mastermind innovative and effective sales campaigns
  • How to work and deal with different types of people and personalities  - a crucial society skill
  • How to develop strong negotiations and sales brokering skills
  • How to enhance customer experience to a next level

Job Requirements

  1. You have a strong passion to build and grow businesses
  2. You enjoy working in a young and energetic startup environment
  3. You are an innovative person who loves to think out of the box
  4. You love talking and meeting new people
  5. You are keen to sharpen your sales and persuasion skills
  6. You are able to communicate well in English (Mandarin/Cantonese is an added advantage)

Our Culture


 Dinez-in is fueled by our commitment to making a difference. We aim to be change makers, giving our home chefs the chance to do more than just cook, serve and earn. The Dinez-in difference lies in one word: empowerment. We offer a fully-functioning platform that gives chefs the best support system, providing them with the skills they need to cultivate a sustainable business model. 

From the retiree realizing a lifetime dream of running his own food business, to the busy mother of twins who juggles childcare with making ends meet, to the baking whiz who’s still a student and can’t afford to set up a café just yet--we’re here for all of them. We’re here to give them what they need to make their dreams of self-sustenance and culinary artistry a reality. 

There are many things that drive us—our passion for food, our desire to revolutionise the dining industry, just to name a few. But above all, we embrace people, and we devote ourselves to their journeys of success. That is the most powerful impetus of all. 


Dinez-in is a Food & Beverage online incubator for passionate kitchens which contains 3 main pillars: (i) Branding & Marketing Strategy, (ii) Content Production & Execution, and (iii) Sales Channels and Network. As at date, we have more than 100 kitchens at Klang Valley, and we are looking to expand to other states in coming months.

Our ultimate goal is to increase the marketing and operational efficiency of these kitchens; and assist to them to capture maximum market visibility. Our goal is to be the top online incubator of F&B in SEA within the next 3 years. 

In a nutshell, we are looking for talents with great passion of grooming future business leaders, Tech, and most importantly - Foods! People who loves good foods will understand the pain of losing all the great recipe in the market.