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Kick-ass Customer Experience Experts

Sales and marketing
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Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

Objectives & Goals:
  • Ensure world-class cradle-to-grave customer experience from every touch point (website to post-sales).
  • Maximise experience through automated personalisation, creating a world of high quality experience with minimal to zero actual human interaction.

Hiring the best CARE-masters in town!
Comfort Works is hiring a Customer Experience Expert to help save our customers from tired sofas all around the world. Our CX team delivers best-in-class service and pride ourselves with our 5-star reviews (don’t believe us? Google it yourselves). We are looking for an individual who has the tendency to care WAY TOO MUCH for customers and are NATURAL PROBLEM SOLVERS - the kind who can help the team reduce churn, increase retention and move the needle on user acquisition. To succeed, it’ll take a lot of heart, hard work, and not another warm body that will robotically answer questions.

Job Requirements

We are NOT looking for:
  • Call centre agents
  • Script readers
  • Keyboard warriors
  • Unmotivated zombies
  • Someone who thinks it’s just going to be another “job”

We LOVE to work with these qualities (and we promise that you’ll meet like-minded souls here):
  • Curiosity
  • Attention to details
  • Resourcefulness and problem solving skills
  • EMPATHY we expect you to deliver flowers to our customers during major life moments
  • Grammar nazis (C1, C2 levels)

Sh*t that you don’t have to do:
  • Put on a headset 
  • Night owl shifts and weekend work
  • Slay customer complaints only

Hard stuff that is part of the job but good that you know now:
  • Provide an amazing, personalized experience to each customers through various support channels such as email, livechat, blogs, social media etc.
  • Effectively diagnose and solve day-to-day customer concerns and issues
  • Communicate confidently, enthusiastically and clearly
  • Achieve productivity standards and goals while maintaining the highest level of customer service
  • Ensure feedback flows to various teams in Comfort Works to improve our services
  • You will need to be a ninja at operating our emailing system 
  • Advocate the Comfort Works especially after sales

Bonus points (has these and earn extra cookies):
  • Previous experience in customer service, online marketing, social media management
  • Background in pyschology, international relations, public relations, international business, copywriting, journalism
  • Worked in a start-up previously
  • 2-3 year working experience 
  • You’ve read every post on our blog, seen every video on our youtube channel, and give us feedback on how we can improve. 

How Comfort Works differ from the rest:
  • Comfort Work’s mission to rejuvenate the world’s tired homes (we are ridiculously determined to save people from ugly living spaces)
  • 5-star reviews on Google, Houzz, and Facebook (your job to upkeep this!)
  • Other customer-focused teammates who is proud to be part of the team
  • A diverse team from 12 countries and counting
  • You’ll get exposure to other areas of the business: UI/UX, product development, digital marketing, international relationship management, and more
  • We are a growth company with a startup mindset delivering to customers worldwide

Within Customer Experience you will be exposed to these paths (and possibly grow into after 2 years):
  • Digital Marketing
  • Localisation Marketing
  • Product Management
  • The Grandmaster of Customer Experience 

P.S. There  are 5 grammatical errors in this job description. If you spot them, we’ll give you RM 10 during your interview with us. Good luck ;)

Our Culture


Comfort Works’ team members make an impact from day one. They have an opportunity to enjoy early responsibilities and be involved in making impactful decisions. Our team is encouraged to use their initiative to shape their roles and keep themselves on track to develop individual expertise. We love DIY Projects, hacking, shopping, discussing great design, collecting quirky items, up-cycling, decorating and re-decorating. Upon being on board you will enjoy an autonomous workflow, development opportunities, training, travel and an environment of like-minded people who don’t settle for anything less than doing what they love!

Pursuing growth and learning is one of our core values so expect to brainstorm cutting edge solutions for everyday problems on a daily basis. Imagine having the freedom to propose and execute even your most out-of-the-box ideas. 
At Comfort Works, we foster a culture of experimentation, teamwork, equality, humble confidence, and infusing hard work and fun. You’ll get hands-on experience and support in a team-oriented environment and have some fun along the way. If you are tired of boring work environments, singular task jobs, and typical "office rules", screw that and join a collaborative environment that's all about innovation. 

Cliff Notes
  • A work hard play hard group with solid management and resources.
  • Opportunity to learn about e-commerce, online marketing, reputation management, international online customer service, product design and web development.
  • Great international workmates from USA, Argentina, Tunisia, France, Poland, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Philippines.
  • Cool office space with a fully stocked fridge.
  • We make pretty things 


Comfort Works aims to breathe new life into living rooms across the globe, and we do this by creating beautiful handmade slipcovers for your old, tired sofas. Every aspect of our operations is done in-house, from web development to online marketing and content creation. To product design and product manufacturing. Nothing is outsourced. We design with the belief that we can live simple and beautiful by trying to revive the hidden potential of our old furniture and doing our part for the planet. Before we knew it, Comfort Works expanded into a huge range of products specialising in IKEA sofa covers, custom furniture slipcovers and other complementary accessories.