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Marketing Associates - Intern

Sales and marketing
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KLECO City / KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

The marketing department of Colony Co-working Space acts as a creative hub of all Colony locations. We are involved in (quite literally) everything, which makes our projects very exciting. From creating new concepts and working with partners to come up with refreshing collaborations. From running social campaigns and designing Email Direct Marketing to enhancing the guest experience at Colony.

1.Creating social media contents and writing creative cop
2. Designing posters and collaterals
3. Brainstorming and conceptualizing new marketing initiatives
4. Supporting the marketing team in daily administrative tasks
5. Assisting the marketing manager to secure partnerships

Job Requirements

  1. University students or recent graduates in the fields of graphic design, marketing, hospitality, communications, advertising, public relations or similar fields are encouraged to apply
  2. Fluent in English, Bahasa Malaysia and additional language is a plus
  3. Able to take initiative and work independently and within a team
  4. Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator is a plus
  5. Graphic Designing as an additional skill is a plus

Our Culture


To be the best coworking space for our guests with 5 stars first-in-class hospitality and service
We practice full ownership of the result of any task we are responsible for by any given deadline. Extreme Ownership means that we are only measured by our results, irregardless of how much effort we put in or any external factors. Results are what we owe to our fellow colleagues. 
We stick to our principles and do what we say we will do. We do not do anything that could make anyone question our integrity. We do not steal, cheat on anything even if it's as simple as claims or time sheets, tell lies or untruths or help anyone else inside or outside the company do any of the above. 
We always take time to put ourselves in the shoes of someone else no matter how difficult to do so at any particular moment. We do not gossip, speak ill or talk bad of colleagues because this would go against this very principle. 
We always seek to appreciate and reciprocate any good that a colleague, guest, vendor or the company does for us. 
We never give up and work each day like the people in the company depended on it because it is more often than not true. In this modern world we live in, anyone without tenacity is left behind 


After years in the typical corporate working environment, the team at Colony aims to challenge the dreary and mundane offices that represent our workplaces today with beautiful serviced offices.

At Colony, our commitment to providing the workplace a better environment joins beautifully with our conviction that people should always be taken care of, even when you’re working. So we’ve created a place where not only is the design ‘living’, but the experience at work is too.

So much has changed in the past 20 years, we eat better food, live in better homes, have better healthcare, but one thing that hasn’t change is the way we work. This is where Colony comes in, where experiences are individually crafted to ensure you get the care you deserve at your workplace.

Our brand of luxury is welcoming, personal and human. For us it’s not about status symbols, chasing the latest trends, or gimmicks. It’s about the sense of belonging and being well taken care of. Whether you’re here to work or to play, or even a bit of both, we make it our business to help you feel good, inside and out.

And like all things living, our service changes and adapts to suit the needs of people who walk through our doors. This is where both the physical space, and what happens inside it make you feel great. Where you leave satisfied. And where you feel glad to come to work, seeing your customised order of freshly brewed coffee sitting on your table every morning.

Our purpose at Colony is to raise the standards of what working should be like in the region. We don’t have to sacrifice having a life for a job. We can have both.

We want to transform the work experience with beautiful serviced office spaces, and world-class hospitality; creating the office of the future.