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Customer Development Executive/Manager - Kelantan

Sales and marketing
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Kelantan, Kelantan

About The Job

  • Work with Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) to forecast service provider’s needs, follow up on orders to ensure timely and complete deliveries and prioritize service provider’s requirements when the product is unavailable
  • Influence and guide Distributor Sales Representatives’ (DSR) to achieve sales out through effective preplanning
  • Provide service provider with an objective and trustworthy analysis of their business to develop collaborative strategies that drive incremental growth opportunities
  • Lists New Product Development (NPD) in Indirect Customers to ensure speed to market of New Innovations
  • Proactively understand the service provider’s needs and develop business solutions to meet Colgate and the service provider’s requirements
  • Conduct regular business reviews and follow-up on sales activity, new products, customer service, receivables, and claims
  • Collaborate with the service provider in recruiting and retaining DSRs including coaching and training new and old DSRs to be effective and efficient
  • Provide effective coverage and visit assigned customers with required frequency to build rapport and perform customer business reviews to enhance future activities
  • Ensure DSRs secure additional second site displays to reduce overall customer inventory and reduce slow and obsolete SKUs
  • Oversee storage and condition of POPs in service provider’s warehouse and ensure sufficient POP call quantity for each month
  • Collaborate with respective Merchandising Service Provider counterpart to ensure complete, effective and efficient monthly activation and merchandising according to planogram and merchandising guidelines
  • Provide inputs on merchandisers’ itinerary to include new stores and improve the overall efficiency of external merchandisers
  • Collaborate cross-functionally with Customer Service & Logistics to reduce the service provider’s warehouse inventory days
  • Eliminate the possibility of out of stock situation and build an optimal inventory level in service provider’s warehouse
  • Implement and/or maintain First In First Out (FIFO) Practice and reduce Slow and Obsolete SKU from the service provider’s warehouse
  • Work with Customer Service & Logistics to increase case fill rate during deliveries, reduce pallet withholding and drive Good Warehouse Practices in the service provider’s premises
  • Strategically deploy customer investment funds to increase sales volume, distribution and market share
  • Work with Customer Financial Services to establish cost to serve and analyze service provider’s ROI regularly
  • Lead a team of Distributor Sales Representatives and Merchandisers
  • Work with Customer Service & Logistics for all CS&L matters / Customer Financial Services for Financial Analysis / Vendor Management Inventory Analyst for orders
  • Morning meetings to track and provide guidance to DSRs
  • Field visitations to coach and train respective DSRs
  • Check on daily sales to ensure forecast met 
  • Meet with key customers to ensure continuity of service and business 
  • Meet with the service provider to address issues and resolutions
  • Collaborate with DSRs each month to achieve through effective customer calls
  • Enforce DSRs compliance of Must Sell SKUs in accordance with RE Handbook
  • Ensure full compliance from DSR on monthly activities, detailing & road shows to be executed flawlessly
  • Provide DSRs with POP and ensure efficient utilization to maximize brand visibility 
  • Secure and improve home shelf through customer and DSR collaboration
3 Months: Net Sales, Big Hit, ECC %, MSS%
6 Months: Inventory Coverage, NPD
12 Months: Retail Coverage, Organizational Stability, Effectiveness & Efficiency Drivers
EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: Associate's Degree/College Diploma
EXPERIENCE : Minimum of 2 years of functional experience in Consumer Good Industry
  • Strong communication skills
  • Computer Literate - Microsoft Programs etc

Job Requirements

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Do you have minimum 2 Years of experience in the Consumer Goods Industry?
Do you have minimum 2 Years of experience in Customer Development / Sales ?
Do you have experience in managing DSRs / Merchandisers?

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