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Executive Secretary cum PA (Chinese Speaker)

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damansara, Selangor

About The Job

What we are looking for:
We are looking for a competent Executive Secretary/PA to support our company and personal support to director and family. The primary objective of your position in the company is to ease our director's burdens and allow him to run the company smoothly.

A pleasant, professional and friendly personality with integrity is critical in this position. Other interpersonal skills includes 
  • Super b in communication, reply fast and a reliable person (You must be easy to reach on the mobile phone via WhatsApp or via phone call.)
  • Highly ethical and trustworthy
  • Excellent communication, both verbal and written skills (Chinese & English)
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Proactive problem solver
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Excellent time management/organizational skills and a strong sense of professionalism. 
  • You must be a responsible person. When tasked a job, we expect you to be able to complete the task without us reminding you.
  • You must have be productive and be willing to increase your own productivity. 

Job Scope:  

  • Available on call 24/7 for director
  • Run errands for director
  • Driving director to places (meetings, events, office, airports, etc..)
  • Assisted to manage and coordinate personal shopping and medical appointments
  • Performed basic day to day administrative support in both business and Director’s personal private & confidential tasks (personal properties, credit card, shopping, etc..)
  • Handle confidential documents ensuring they remain secure
  • Conduct research and prepare presentations or reports as assigned
  • You will be following the managing director to meetings and events. 
  • Organizing, filing, and bookkeeping. 
  • Prepare invoices or financial statements and provide assistance in bookkeeping.
  • Engage and managing relationships with our clients, partners, contractors, accountants, lawyers and professional advisors on a quarterly basis.
  • Help out with event logistics and management.
  • Coordinated and scheduling meetings, online conference calls and related events
  • Responsible for any task that has to do with office duties.
  • Prioritize daily administrative tasks to ensure that projects are completed on time
  • Submit employee pay and expenses to payroll each month
  • Other duties that might be tasked from time to time. 

Job Requirements

  • At least 2 years experience as a Personal Assistant to CEO or Director
  • Chinese Speaking candidates would be highly considered!
  • Computer savvy
  • Excellent oral and written communication in English and Chinese (is a MUST)
  • You must have a car and be able to drive a car.  
  • You should be sharp on time. You'll be assisting individuals who care a lot about time and schedule so you must be someone who likes to be sharp with timing. 
  • Flexible hours. Available on call 24/7 
  • You can handle stress. While this job is not entirely stressful, there will be times where it can get hectic and stressful. You must be able to deal with it and get work done.
  • You must be willing to travel. Part of the perks of this job is that you will be traveling oversea 
  • You must be willing to use to-do list and productivity apps to increase your productivity.

Benefits / Compensation
  • Travel Opportunities. We do events internationally where we sometimes fly to countries like Japan, USA, Philippines, Vietnam, East Malaysia, Singapore and more to produce our company events.
  • You will be paid handsomely via loyalty bonuses and task bonuses on top of a standard basic salary. 
  • You will also be compensated with claims such as petrol claims when running tasks for the company and parking claims. 
  • Company sponsored trips
  • Company sponsored trainings
  • Year end Bonuses 1 month - 6 months

  • You plan to switch job after 6 months - 1 year
  • You’re a lazy person, procrastinate, and no team spirit. 
  • You won’t make this job a priority 
  • NOT capable to say YES to all the above mentioned on this job post.

Only apply if you’re sincerely serious about this job. We are looking for a dedicated person for a long-term commitment and we value loyal people. Please click on apply now, and we will contact you via email for the interview process. 

Our Culture


ChromaBit Education is the leading training & alternative education provider. Our focus is to deliver outstanding business and life skills to children and adults globally focusing in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore and the United States. 

Our signature trainings are in the area of business development, social media marketing, children skillset development, public speaking skillsets and much more. 

We work with international authors, celebrities & speakers to bring highest level trainings into Asia.

Our Story:

Founded in 2014, when our founder Desmond Ong returned to Malaysia from the United States – ChromaBit was founded with a vision to leverage education to help people become more successful in the area of digital marketing.

Desmond Ong is the best-selling author of the book, “Against All Odds”, international speaker on the topic of digital marketing & online businesses, award-winning speaker at Harvard & have been featured numerous times on United States TV networks such as NBC and CBS.

As his business started growing, Desmond started growing into the webinar and seminar industries – having many programs from fitness all the way to child development. Desmond became one of the top digital product vendors on the internet, and has a respected following globally. ChromaBit Education started pivoting to training in 2016, and begin actively organizing highest level seminars & bootcamps in Malaysia to help more people succeed in business and life. 

Because of the number of success stories generated from our seminars, our speakers and leaders are often invited to various programs all over the world, in the United States, Singapore, Japan and many other countries to deliver their programs. 

Our Vision/Mission:

Our vision is to become Malaysia’s biggest alternative education company with the highest number of happy customers and success stories. 

Our mission is to help children and adult globally to develop essential and necessary skills through the help alternative education in the form of seminars & online trainings. 


Why Join Us?

  1. MOST IMPORTANT: Self-Fulfilment – How often do you get to join a company and actually get paid – and get fulfilment as the same time? Most company only want you to make money for them. Our company wants you to feel fulfilled. Since the nature of our business is to help our customers get results (i.e. help parents become better parents, help aspiring entrepreneurs to start profitable businesses etc.), you actually get to be a very important part of our customers’ transformations. 

  2. You Will Actually Learn & Grow – One of the promises our founder made to the company is to make sure the team is consistently improving and learning to become better. You won’t be pouring coffee here in this company. You will be doing ads, running big marketing campaigns, helping customers’ transformation progress, running events and much much more. 

  3. Investments Funds from Founder’s Parent Company – The founder of this company owns a holding company with over RM500,000 in deployable cash assets to help invest in your dreams. If after working in our company and you feel like it’s time for you to be your own entrepreneur, you can propose to us to have us as your partner & investor. 

  4. Flexibility – In our company, you will have the flexibility of time, location and the way you accomplish your goals. We believe that the most important thing is for you to get things done. We don’t believe in locking you down in office from 9am until 5pm. We believe in efficiency, flexi-hour working and being able for you to balance personal and work. 

What Are We Looking For:

  1. Growth Mentality & Willing to Learn – We are a team of people who are consistently working hard to learn & grow. When you join us, it’s important that you also share the same attitude with us. 
  2. Self-Motivated & Disciplined – When you’re one of our team members, we don’t want to micro-manage you as we believe the best way to get the best version of yourself is by giving you the flexibility and freedom to express yourself. Hence, it’s important for you to be responsible for your own progress in our company. 
  3. Honest – You will never see a more honest company like ours. We are not only honest with our customers, but also among ourselves. We believe honesty is important to ensure we kick out office politics as well there’s no negative emotions at work. 
  4. Willing to Work Hard & Put In The Hours (When Needed To) – Since we run events, occasionally we will do some events on weekends. It is important that you are not calculative of hours or work you put in because we are all looking to contribute to our customers and clients. If you’re selfish – and only care about yourself during this process, you will not be a good fit for you. However, if you are generous with your efforts and time, you will be a great fit as you will feel very fulfilled helping our clients. 
  5. No Fear of Being Criticized – When you’re new in our company, chances are you will need a lot of guidance and mentorship from senior team members. You must be willing to accept criticism because we all have one goal in mind: TO IMPROVE EACH OTHER. So you have to take emotions aside, and work together with us to improve yourself. 
  6. Positive & optimists – The real world is filled with a lot of negative news and negative people. However, we won’t let outside influences affect our mentality. We are a group of highly positive people who are working hard to make the world a better place.