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Video Production Crew- Chinese Speaker

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Kajang, Selangor

About The Job

  • [PRODUCTION] Chaserz Videographer works as part of the production team that creates video products. He is responsible in pre-production to develop script, story board, shooting schedule, shooting techniques, arrangement of equipment and coordinating internal and external team. He is also tasked to fully support the project manager and / or director to align and meet client’s expectation throughout the span of the entire project.

  • [OPERATION] As a Chaserz Videographer, he may work in the studio or on the field as director of photography, cameraman, soundman, lighting man or crew, depending on the demand of the project and its shooting schedule. Tasks include setting up video, audio and lighting equipment for the location; operates the said equipment accordingly; works with other production staff or event management staff to achieve pre-planned video shots.

  • [POST PRODUCTION] Back in the shop or studio, the videographer becomes part of the post-production team. He backs up and reviews all the footage. He filters the footage and eliminates the segments and scenes where things have gone wrong using editing software such as stabilizing shaky footage. He combines clips according to the storyboard and inserts appropriate music / sound / voice clips for the project. He creates computer graphics and special effects as required.

  • [MAINTAINANCE] Videographers must also be able to perform routine video and audio equipment maintenance. He is responsible to report to the top management immediately should there be any faulty or lost equipment. Chaserz Videographer is also responsible to learn and sharpen skills required to utilize each and every equipment to their fullest potentials.

  • [DEVELOPMENT] Chaserz Videographer and all Chaserz employees are always committed to company, process and product development, relevant to his/her field of expertise. This is to make sure to company become structured, professional, regulated and profitable through time. 

Job Requirements

Job requirement:
  • Candidate must possess at least Professional Certificate in Others or equivalent.
  • At least 1 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Required Skill(s): Cinematography, Photography, Video Editing,
  • Preferably Junior or Senior Executive specialized in Advertising/Media Planning or equivalent. 

Our Culture


1. Business Design & Development
2. Ideas Consultancy & Campaign Design
3. Photography & Motion Picture Production
4. Workflow System & IT Consultation
5. Web Design and Development
6. Event Management & Rental
7. Youth and Empowerment Related Training
8. Social and Humanity Related Projects
9. Show Room & 3D Model Design 


 Chaserz started in 2011 as a social enterprise, aimed to curb the many social issues faced by the community of youths and entrepreneurs alike. Due to the constant demand in the field of design, support and expression, Chaserz has evolved into a supporting firm in 2013 that promotes coexistence in its ventures as well as its co-working space known as Hangar of Chaserz. As it venture into its many design projects such as company profiles, user experience and campaigns, Chaserz has been growing to consult multi-national companies and public listed companies. In year 2015, Chaserz has ultimately become a company of Ideas & Consultancy under the umbrella of Chaserz Group Sdn. Bhd. It has even moved into a new co-working space known as Chaserz Hangar 2.0