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Senior Creative Designer

Creative - Visual Design (Graphics, Interior, UI/UX, etc.)
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Damansara, Selangor

About The Job

A striving team needs a Creative Designer to plan, communicate, and design the works in marketing, branding, and advertising.

Job Description:
  • Assist in liaising with clients to determine the scope of the project in Visuals and Creatives.
  • Managing client proposals from typesetting through to design, print, production, and delivery
  • Working closely with clients, briefing, and advising them with regards to the elements on design styles, formats, productions, directions, and timescales
  • Developing concepts, graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, websites, and social media
  • Determining size and arrangement of copy and illustrative material, as well as font style and size
  • Preparing rough drafts/mock-ups of material based on an agreed brief. 
  • Reviewing final layouts, providing input, and suggesting improvements as required
  • Able to communicate and advise the design process from concept to completion.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements:
  • At least 4 years of working experience in advertising/media/marketing related fields.
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier Pro, After Effects) but not limited to other creative design tools.
  • Familiar with social media, web UI/UX, and digital advertising requirements.
  • Excellent time and project management skills with ability to juggle multiple projects.
  • Fluency in English 

Key Attributes We Focus On: Personality, Interest, and Value
  • Analytical skills. Creative designers must be able to look at their work from the point of view of their consumers and examine how the designs they develop will be perceived by the consumer to ensure they convey the clients desired message.
  • Artistic ability. Creative designers must be able to create designs that are artistically interesting and appealing to clients and consumers. They produce rough illustrations of design ideas, either by hand sketching or by using a computer program.
  • Communication skills. Creative designers must communicate with clients, customers, and other designers to ensure that their designs accurately reflect the desired message and effectively express information.
  • Creativity. Creative designers must be able to think of new approaches to communicating ideas to consumers. They develop unique designs that convey a recognizable meaning on behalf of their clients.
  • Time-management skills. Graphic designers often work on multiple projects at the same time, each with a different deadline.

If you're passionate and will like to self-shortlist, We'd be interest to have your email at [email protected]

Our Culture


Cash Digital Sdn. Bhd. was founded with the passion of a chain-like idea in tailoring synergies and opportunities. Given the expertise in digital and technology, we cover over 15 years of experience in building technologies, experimenting with the vast digital ecosystem, and putting our skills into practice. 

We approach every business and opportunity with a brand-new project like mindset allowing us to exert our skills, while keeping abreast of new technologies and trends.

May it be in the technical fields of product development to the creative strategies of marketing, or the analytical and flexible methods of business development, Cash Digital has become a unique field partner to our clients.


We seek to solve market problems, improve the quality of lives for those in need, and explore potential not only for our clients, but for the team members within Cash Digital.

If you have the passion to make an impact to the community, the market, and the people in the industry, we might have a place for you with us.

We seek people who are talented and passionate about their work, as we seek individual who has the drive to not only succeed, but leave a mark within the industry. If you believe, you can do it and put your best in to, we at Cash Digital will do our best to open such opportunities and explore it with you.

Some values we adhere by every day are:
  • Integrity 
  • Honesty
  • Boldness
  • Accountability
  • Eagerness to Learn