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Fund Manager (ASEAN Equities)

Accounting & Finance
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Pasar Seni, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

CAPITAL DYNAMICS, ASIA’S first global fund management and investment advisory group, is recruiting fund managers to substantially expand its Kuala Lumpur operations.

Capital Dynamics is planning to launch retail unit trust funds focused on the Malaysian and ASEAN equities. As such, we seek fund managers who are familiar with listed equities in the ASEAN region.

The fund managers must be passionate about value investing, able to clearly communicate ideas and judgments, and most of all, have a deep sense of integrity.


  • As a fund manager, your work will require conducting timely and critical analysis of listed companies in the ASEAN region and arrive at their intrinsic valuations, based on the supply chain research methodology and their business models.
  • Besides assisting the CEO in managing funds, you will assist in growing the business of the company, especially its AUM.

Job Requirements

  • Fund managers with at least 5 years of solid investment research experience would benefit greatly from our mentor/pupil training style. Candidates with experience in managing funds would have an advantage. Candidates with at least 8 years of strong, demonstrable commercial experience in non-financial services industries are welcomed.
  • Candidates are required to have solid degrees from reputable universities as the minimum academic requirement. This position demands heavy responsibilities and applicants are expected to be above 28 years old.
  • Fluency in English is necessary. Fluency in Mandarin or an ASEAN language will be an added asset. Having the right character, attitudes, and a readiness to meet tight deadlines are expected. You must be self-motivated, highly analytical, resourceful and street smart.
  • Although candidates who currently hold the Malaysian Capital Markets and Services Representative’s Licence (CMSRL) are preferred, suitable candidates can apply to be a CMSRL upon commencing work.

Our Culture


As Asia's first global investment house with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong & Shanghai, we deliver global and local investing capabilities, with no conflict of interest. We are an independent investment firm with no affiliations to financial institutions or political parties that has quietly joined the ranks of many Malaysian ventures that have become world-class and made the country proud. 

We believe in 3 Corporate Philosophy called as 3 I's

  • Independence
As an independent investment firm, independence of thought and action comes naturally at Capital Dynamics.

  • Intelligence
We do not act on tips, rumours, hearsay, etc. - only an intimate knowledge of investments, based on objective analysis.

  • Integrity
While it sounds abstract, it will in the long run show in the investment returns you receive.

Our team is headed by our highly experienced CEO, Tan Teng Boo

Tan Teng Boo is the highly experienced Managing Director of Capital Dynamics. He graduated with an honours degree in economics from Sussex University, UK but his fascination with investing over more than 4 decades has led him to acquire an uncanny insight into the workings of corporations, equity markets and economies.

A "fanatic's" interest has enabled him to be very familiar with the different methods of investment analysis and approaches - understanding their strength and weaknesses and suitability of each to different investment objectives and circumstances.

 As a result, he has the unique ability to blend his investing skills with his business experiences. As Warren Buffett, the world renowned investor, said, "It's been awfully good to have a foot in both camps."

High-performance culture is in our DNA

Leading our talents with the right mindset, the right attitude and providing them the necessary support to grow rapidly is the reason why we are having an in-house team of professionals.

We do not just hire any talent but we are hiring those who:
  • values  and practice integrity at all times
  • invigorated by a start-up environment
  • a player in performance/contribution based culture
  • self-motivated 
  • believe that in contributing to capital dynamics' growth, they are contributing to a world that is better for all people and allowing them to be self-fulfilled.

Work Hard & Work Smart is the key for you to determine your own rewards.

With 3 tiers of Total Rewards Structure (Salary, Standard Benefits, and Customized Benefits) that we have, anything will be possible as long as you are willing to push yourself beyond your limits.

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Capital Dynamics is the first Asian-owned global fund manager and investment adviser. From its humble beginnings in 1989 as Malaysia’s first independent investment adviser, Capital Dynamics, led its founder and managing director Tan Teng Boo, has grown impressively. 
The group now operates from Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur under the purview of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong and the Securities Commission of Malaysia. Capital Dynamics has recently set up office in Shanghai.
The flagship product, i Capital, has expanded from its highly respected weekly investment report to include, a top- quality investment portal and i-Capital application, and a family of equity funds that has consistently and handsomely beaten the benchmark market indices.

In building Capital Dynamics into a successful global investment firm, it was never about making more money. Our mission is to make the world a better place. More specifically, we want to: 

  • Make a positive contribution to a better global community
  • Build a platform for alternate perspectives so that there is self-respect, mutual respect, and better understanding amongst the differing communities. 
  • Help achieve sustainable global peace as we have only one planet and it is a very special one