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React Native Developer

Information technology
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Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

As a React Native Developer, you will create impact by :
  • Developing and deploying iOS and Android applications using cross platform technologies.
  • Creating clean, scalable, tested, and documented projects so the products can grow and be maintained over time.
  • Working with UI UX Designers, Architects, Backend and Frontend Developers to create the best mobile experience.
  • Collaborating with product and business team, define a product that’s well accepted by the market.
  • Solving problems and offering new ideas to make a product even better.
  • Working as part of waterfall or agile process.
  • Working independently or in a large team to deliver the product on time.
  • Training, mentoring and collaborating with other team members to ensure our teams maintain high standards.
  • Improving ability to keep up with new technology and trend changes.
  • Learning our business and helping us to align our expertise with our customer needs.

Job Requirements

For that purpose, it would be great if you :
  • Experienced with React Native development, including ecmascript, typescript, NodeJS and ReactJS.
  • Experienced with React native unit testing, mock data, and debugger.
  • Experienced in creating RESTful application, including multiple environment like DEV, UAT, and PROD.
  • Experienced with iOS & Android development, including it’s tools and language.
  • Experienced with deploying iOS & Android application.
  • Experienced with waterfall and agile process.
  • Experienced with issue trackers like JIRA or Trello.
  • Experienced with GIT.
  • Experienced with automated testing.
  • Experienced with editing software like Photoshop or Sketch.
  • Have strong knowledge on mobile UI and UX and how they’re different from web application.
  • Can work independently and in a large team.
  • Can communicate well with team members.

Our Culture


At Botbot.AI, our goal is to automate as much low-value work as we can. We aim to combat underemployment in the market by moving people away from repetitive, transactional and menial tasks to higher-value work.


We stay true to our belief that automation empowers our productivity — but productivity isn’t everything. At the end of the day, it’s about maximizing human potential and the prospect of pushing our own limits that get us up every morning. How we want to accomplish this is by empowering people with tools to take out the menial, repetitive and transactional tasks - all so that they can push their own limits of cognition.

So we created Botbot.AI - a self-learning platform that helps enterprises boost their productivity through automation of conversations, powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning — moving people from the mundane to higher-value work across all industries.

At heart, we’re not just developers, designers nor consultants - we’re people who believe in people, and we analyse, execute fast, and iterate. We actively acquire and exchange knowledge, and actively unearth problems to solve. From the interns to the founders, all of us bring unique value, narratives, and knowledge to the table. We harness our skills and strategy daily and put in the collective effort to get us to our audacious goal — to be craftsmen of conversation.