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Wealth Strategist

Marketing - General
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Damansata Intan, PJ, Selangor

About The Job

We are hiring Manager!
Me and my team are looking for candidates who have the mindset of 

  • Give freely if your giving impacts something greater than yourself, contributes to a cause that you believe in, or benefits someone you care for. Find your reason for giving before giving to avoid burning out. 
  • Strike an equilibrium between giving to yourself and giving to others to prevent becoming a doormat and burning out. 
  • At the beginning of each day, know 'when' you'll give to yourself and when you'll freely give to others. give but keep score. If who fail to pre-pay or pay forward 1/3 of your initial favors, stop giving to them. 

About you
  • You must be capable of being a professional consultant with the ability to work from a home office assigned to you and to travel to visit your prospects 60-70 percent of the month. 
  • You have the ability to prospect on the phone, in person and at referral networking. Knowledge about economics, finance and law is preferred, but not required if you have a good history of sales and ability to learn quickly. 
  • You are well spoken, can command a room's attention and have a high energy level. 
  • People consider you a leader and you're passionate about what you do. 
  • You are able to manage your own time and work efficiently no matter the market condition. 
  • Our top earners regularly surpass RM 200,000 in yearly earnings excluding any extra benefits. 
  • Selected candidates will be offered RM10,000 monthly. 

Job Requirements

For full force candidates (10 vacancies):
Please include in your application/resume a cover letter with the answer to these questions:
  • What do you consider the key to sales success?
  • What is your greatest selling success to date?
Applications with these information in the cover letter will be considered first. Feel like this is the job for you but you don't fit one of the criteria? Sell us on why we should hire you.

 Team: TKA (The Kebab Academy) 
  • Application do send to [email protected]
  • Enquiries, contact person - Jeffery Hee 013 394 3930
  • Admin staff: CH 017 888 3281
Do prepare for online interview if selected. 

Our Culture


No workplace should let complacency and inefficiency become a part of the culture. Some leaders get accustomed to spending all their time in crisis mode, putting out bush fires. Likewise, they can fail to prepare their team to handle problems when things are running smoothly. The best preparation for the possibility of the Black Swan phenomenon is to create the strongest team possible of well-trained and engaged leaders and teammates.

Successful leader embrace the reality that their models may be wrong or incomplete. Only when we admit what we don't know can we ever hope to learn it. We practiced freely express ideas and block-free communication, everyone encourage to speak out their mind.

We are concerned about Your Dreams, share with us the Dreams you care the most and we will assure to provide guidance and coaching, laser targeted towards making sure you achieve those dreams.


We are a financial group with field experience more than 30 years. Our main strategic partner with Prudential, Eastspring, PruBSN takaful and many financial institutions. We are empowering Malaysian to achieve financial success and security through Modern Estate Planning, regardless market condition.