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Web Designer / Developer

Creative - Visual Design (Graphics, Interior, UI/UX, etc.)
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Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

We are seeking for proactive go-getters to help us with:
  • Create images that identify a product or convey a message
  • Develop graphics for product illustrations, logos, and websites.
  • Produce marketing materials to support events, workshops such as book cover, flyers, posters.
  • Produce internal design materials such as invitation cards, company profile and other materials.
  • Support the creative materials for marketing purposes such as backdrops and merchandises.
  • Produce video for branding purpose, including shooting and editing process.

Job Requirements

The desired qualities for the role would be:-

  • Creative and artistic.
  • Ability to translate thoughts and ideas into illustrations and graphic designs
  • Accuracy and attention to details when finalising designs.
  • Ability in producing creative artwork for Facebook marketing.

Our Culture


We are a well-funded young, fun & challenging startup company that aims to make Entrepreneurs business journey easier by going online. From starting a business to compliance activities.


To Inspire everyone to overcome their odds, unleash their potential and find fulfilment in life. 

Our Core Values:
iNSPIRE - INSPIRING each other to overcome our odds, unleash our potential and find fulfilment in life.

COURAGE - Have the COURAGE to admit our weaknesses, to accept feedback and suggestions from others to improve, to be positive and to take massive action to constantly be a better versions of ourselves.

ONE TEAM - Appreciating and leveraging on each other’s strengths, compensating each other’s weaknesses, understanding that no one is perfect and understanding that victory can only be achieved by working as ONE TEAM. 

RESPECT - Everyone is wired very differently and has different experiences so it’s important that we RESPECT each other for who they are and harness the power of diversity. 

EXCELLENCE - Strive to improve 1% every day in the quality of our work, our relationships with each other and our own personal development. Be tough to each other so that we can help everyone to EXCEL but not forgetting that building a strong bond with each other is equally as important. 

Our culture will be incorporating all of the above, a multiplier culture where everyone will be helping each other to succeed with a common goal, in spite of all the differences that we have, we know that to achieve something meaningful and great in our lifetime, the only way is to rely on each other and to unite as one.