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Frontend/UI Web Developer (Angular)

IT - Software Development
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puchong, Selangor

About The Job

  • Design a robust application project using Angular.
  • Plan, design and develop a front-end user interface for a modern web application for business needs.
  • Create an intuitive and user-friendly web application for users in various logistics environments.
  • Enhance or make corrective actions to new and existing issues that occur in the project.
  • Create and execute an automated unit-test for the Angular applications in the development phase.
  • Work with the team leader, business analysts, system architect, back-end development team, and QA team to understand business requirements and deliver high-quality results.
  • Contribute with creative and innovative ideas in brainstorming sessions to achieve desired results and meet the business goals of the team.
  • Diligently and responsibly raise concerns about potential crisis and disasters pertaining to the project and software application as a whole.

Job Requirements

  • Education Background: 
  - Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree or Professional Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.

  • Experience :
  - Have working experience in front-end web application development.

  • Required Skills :
  - Strong knowledge of JavaScript ECMA6 and NodeJS tools (npm) is a must.
  - Competency with Angular 6/7/8/9, HTML, CSS is a must.
  - Familiar with Angular unit testing frameworks using Jasmine and Karma.
  - Familiarity with Typescript, Ionic 4/5, SCSS is an added advantage.
  - Strong analytical skills in a fast pace environment.
  - Strong attention to detail to produce robust and high-quality deliverables and have a strong sense of urgency and ownership to delegated tasks.

Our Culture


Hello! We are Biztory
Biztory is a smart cloud accounting software that is developed by a group of young Malaysians with the aim to provide user-friendly accounting solutions to SMEs and start-ups in Malaysia.  

We take pride in our vision to help all SMEs strengthen their competitive advantages and promote sustainability by leveraging the power of business technology. With technology, we are able to eliminate unnecessary processes in areas that are unfamiliar to the uninitiated i.e. accounting.  

Since our founding in 2014, we have grown from a 3-man team to an 18-man team and saw our portfolio of clients expanding from a handful of SMEs to more than 6,500 businesses across 60 cities and states, with up to 30,000 invoices issued every month. 

Our growth is an affirmation that we are creating value within our Malaysian business industry, and we hope to continue driving innovation not just to help Malaysian small businesses thrive, but also to make the platform available for small businesses around the world. 

“Through Biztory, we wish to digitize more SMEs by embracing technology, thus reducing costs and increasing competitiveness. As entrepreneurship has become a trend nowadays, we should leverage cloud computing to manage their business anywhere, anytime.”, said our founding CEO, Bryan Soong. 


Who we are… Outside
In this fast-paced technology-driven environment where technology is changing day-by-day and we have companies moving fast and breaking things to remain on top, we believe the ultimate competitive advantage any organisation has is its ability to adapt and innovate. What drives innovation depends on an organisation’s ability keep up with the latest trends and implement them. 

Our team strives to bring the latest trends to SMEs through steady app developments and integrations in order to continue creating value for clients which would bring benefit in terms of process optimisation and cost reduction. 

Embodying the Wolf
The word ‘wolf’ may have negative connotations of wildness, greed, and cruelty but we admire the wolf’s spirit for its focus, perseverance and team spirit. 

Being focused helps us to always be clear of our objectives, and design different methods of problem-solving to achieve the end we desire. 

Perseverance helps us stand strong as we face challenges and not give in easily without a fight. 

A strong team spirit helps us advance further in whatever projects we embark on, whether big or small. We achieve more as a team than as individuals alone, and we value collective success. 

Who we are… Inside 
Employee Empowerment 
Our organisational structure is a flat one, doing away with hierarchies and layers of approval which impedes progress speed and curbs creativity. 

In Biztory, we see each team member as an individual with equal rights and equal ownership, having their own voice in areas they specialise in. We encourage our team members to take ownership of their tasks and voice out their concerns, knowing that they are allowed to do so without fear, and in return, everyone benefits from each other through the exchange. 

We may be a tech company, but behind every tech device is a human, and we value human thoughts. 

Believers of Lifelong Learning
We emphasise the importance of lifelong learning in our day-to-day operations, as we believe a constantly learning mind is always fresh and open to new ideas, which will lead us to consistent growth and inspire us to drive the innovation that is the core of our business. 

To cultivate this love of learning, our Biztory team not only holds a Book Club session every Friday to broaden the horizons of our team members with an exchange of perspectives but also devise skill development activities to sharpen the soft skills of each team member.

Fun is a source of creativity for the Biztory team. Our passion for something increases when there is an element of fun involved, after all ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. 

To keep our team’s fun-loving spirits up, we organise yearly retreats and getaways to have fun and brainstorm new ideas to provide our clients with a better Biztory experience.