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Sales and Marketing Intern

Sales and marketing
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Publika Shopping Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job


Hey, listen!

We are a pioneering social enterprise with multiple business divisions, a group of like-minded educators, developers, designers, and artists. We could fulfil your best career interests, only if you are passionate about the impact of sustainability and society!

Responsibilities & Duties:
  • Assist to strategise & execute sales of the brands, campaigns and any other projects
  • Cultivate strong relationship with clients by managing outbound sales channels through emails, calls, building database
  • Plan, monitor & execute on-going online/offline marketing of campaigns, brands and any other projects
  • Take part in internal brainstorming to elaborate and implementing sales and marketing strategies
  • Awards & Grants Application
  • Simple design tasks (mainly using canva) when necessary
  • Working together with marketing & communications and head of team in a fast-paced environment
To know more about Biji-biji mission, story, campaigns and projects,
Take a look at our Biji Biji Ethical Fashion (Biji-biji offspring) where we create handmade fashion accessories and apparels that align with sustainable and ethical standards

At Me.reka (Biji-biji offspring), we offer an innovative and alternative education space that provides access to tools, technology and experts. More details as below:

What you will learn: 
As a small team, you will be able to receive intensive training and understand the various tasks quickly. In this internship, you will be able to learn about many different aspects that are involved in impactful business and you will learn about the whole combination of sales strategy, sustainable brands and marketing. This is the perfect opportunity for somebody who is still exploring the field or who wishes to develop into an all-rounder. 

All roles at Biji-biji and Me.reka are about making changes, innovation and making things real. You are to be part of our team to demonstrate passion and commitment to sustainability and creativity, lifelong skills and iron out team challenges.

You can also email us your CV and short motivation at [email protected] to apply!

Job Requirements

  • Candidates must posses background in Marketing, Mass Communications, Business Management, Project Management and Psychology or any related field
  • Must-skills:
    • Bold and People-person
    • Good story-teller in conveying sales/marketing messages, being emphatic to clients and skew our services to their needs
    • Good in mobile photography and short videography (plus point: DSLR) for Social Media
    • You have to be proactive, be able to ideate & brainstorm, independent, self-starter and fast to deliver good quality work

Effectively deal with ad-hoc challenges, keep calm in pressing situations, be flexible with last-minute changes, and still have a positive attitude throughout :) 
During your internship period, you are required to be familiar about each team vision and mission. 

We operate mainly in Me.reka, Publika, KL. This role may require you to be working on the occasional weekends, depending on your supervisor’s advice and project needs.

Our Culture


The Biji-biji Initiative is a social enterprise that aims to share progressive ideas with everyone. We are a community of designers, makers, prototypers, artists and innovators. It is our mission to make sure that our project to have a positive impact by reducing waste, raising awareness, campaign for more transparency and accountability, promoting circular economy and advising individuals, groups and organisations how they can make the changes too. At Me.reka, we provide education platform for people to come together to share their ideas, pick up new skills and make things.

We are divided into FOUR Business Units - ranging from Disruptive Structure, Energy, Ethical Fashion, Me.reka and a HQ team which are based in Me.reka Makerspace at Publika, Kuala Lumpur.


As a social & impact driven organization, we aim to involve as many people as possible in our mission. The effort to care for our world is a burden upon everyone’s shoulders after all. We work with people from all over the world with different stories, skills and backgrounds. This revolving door of ideas and talents allow for a limitless dynamic of ideas! 

We thrive in a fast-paced environment by being supportive, creative and fast-thinking problem solvers. A superb team spirit hold us together, in and out of the workplace!