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Part Time Showroom Retail Sales Consultant

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Kepong / PJ , Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

 What we provide you? 
  • Fair & transparent reward system ( Good apple will be rewarded , not as good apple you will have your chance later in the company)
  • 公平及透明化的奖励制度
  • 1st personal house rent to own scheme ( We will take care of your living if you are the right person)
  • 3年买车,5年买房计划
  • Personal car installment incentive ( We will take care of your feet if you are right person)
  • Your family overseas trip (We will take care of your family bonding if you are right person)
  • 可以带你家人去旅游
  • Personal development and learning ( We will help you grow and skill set development if you are right person)
  • 有机会提升自己
Not to mention those standard benefits such as company trips, salary increment, yearly bonus, laptop, mobile etc. 
除此之外,我们还会有company trip,加薪,花红,手提电脑及手机津贴。 

槟城 / 怡保 / 甲洞 / FN,KL / 无拉港 / 蒲种 / Mount. Austin / 亚庇

***Please bring all your relevant documents and 3 month recent salary slip for your interview section 请附带所有相关的文件以及最近3个月的工资来面试。** 

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We can offer you a good life career to be our future partner and not only a job.


Job Requirements

 If you possess the following 只要你符合以下条件: 
  • Make yourself committed to provide an excellent service. (A great service and attitude will win over a good product and a good price)
    竭尽所能地提供优质服务 (好的服务及态度胜于好的产品及价钱)
  • Language proficiency: At least fluent (speak & write) in Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and English 
    精通三语: 中文,英文,及国语
  • Open-minded, proactive, flexible and self-motivated.
    能接受新事物, 主动,善于变通和能够自我激励。
  • Positive energy, Go challenging!!
    充满正能量, 勇于挑战!! 

Our Culture


Over 40 years validated by market since 1979 under Leonfast Group.
2018 BIG BATH Annual group Turnover RM 24 Million Continuedly grown over pass 3 years. Grown from a small company with 3 workers to SME Enterprise with over 110 (50- Leonfast ,60 – Big Bath) full time staffs as 2018.
Eventhough we have been in the market for over 40 years, we always treat our Company as a new-born company.

We practice fair and systematic reward and path future road map system for everyone, towards a LIFE TIME CAREER . We don't see your skin , age or even who you know . We only care about your positive contributions and performance. 

Monthly serving over 1000 active customers included contractors, designers and traders.
No.1 on social media in Malaysia Bathroom industry.
200k follower in Facebook, SEO Rank top 10 in most search engine.
8 BigBath outlets nationwide.

PURPOSE: Provide Affordable quality, Luxury Bathroom Experience Accessible to the world
VISION: Affordable quality, Luxury Bathroom Experience Accessible to the world
  • Market Leader of Bathroom & Kitchen supply in South East Asia before 2027
  • Create employee road map for all our employees and promote them be our business partners
  • Create a sustainable business for all our business partners with the technology advancement that maximize profit with minimal cost


Big & Fast Result: 
Results speak the loudest. Let the results speak the truth. 
Insist on Standard:
Today’s result is tomorrow minimal standard. 
Give & Raise Energy:
Give and raise positive energy daily to your friend, customer, family, team and your life
Be a leader and take ownership:
Leaders are owners. 
Always customer first:
We always start with the customer and work backwards. 

Do what we say and say what we do.

Hungry for innovation and improvement:
Constantly looking for new and better ways forward. 

Ultimately invite you to be our future BUSINESS PARTNER who take OWNERSHIP of your BUSINESS VENTURES.

We want everyone to Work Smart but Not Work Hard . If you cant work smart then you have to work hard .

Join us to give better future for all of us if you think you are the right person for us !