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Sales Executive

Sales (Corporate, Real Estate, Telesales, etc.)
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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

About The Job

- Be both a team player and self motivator
- Hit the monthly sales KPI
- Generate leads by cold calling, telemarketing, email marketing
- Present company products and services to clients 
- Assist in customer support for clients and maintain a fruitful relationship with new, potential and existing clients.

Job Requirements

- Effective communication and interpersonal skills
- Excellent negotiation and consultative sales skills.
- Capable of working both in a team and independently in a fast paced environment.
- Highly persuasive, cheerful and outgoing.
- Hungry for sales and self-motivated
- Able to converse BM or Mandarin fluently
- Experience in sales is a plus point
- Fresh Graduates are welcomed to apply.

Our Culture


AOne is a B2C marketplace & B2B school SAAS software for local classes in Southeast Asia, starting with Malaysia.

We believe "Anyone can teach, everyone can learn", with the mission to connect anyone who likes to teach with anyone who likes to learn.

We focus in THREE branches of services:
  • #AOneSchool (started since 2018) - school management software for any learning centres, kindergartens, academy & schools
  • #AOnePay (started since 2017) - automated monthly fee collection solution for learning centres
  • #AOneMarketplace (started since 2016) - online marketplace for local classes & lessons

Why and How do we start AOne?
As a PhD student in Universiti Malaya many years ago, the founder, Dr Darren Gouk was dissatisfied that he had to pay up to half his monthly income in agent fees when recruiting students to tutor on part-time basis. By chance, he attended a free internet seminar through the recommendation of friends, and the next day, Darren created the very first website – My AOne Tutor – to help students find tutors without any middlemen. And so the first-ever version of AOne was created, and it has evolved to become what it is today - a marketplace that anyone who likes to teach and anyone who likes to learn.

As AOne’s partner centres grew more successful, their administrative and operational duties became more intense – especially since 95 percent of these centres were still using manual methods to keep track of and manage their daily operations. Seeing a gap in the market, Darren expanded his business to include cloud-based management (AOneSchool) and automated fee payment solutions for all parties involved (AOnePay).

Looking forward, we plan on replicating the AOne systems and services in other Southeast Asian markets. We concerned about creating a product that eventually bring great impact to the society, starting with education industry. A brand or product that people could use, and which benefits the community.

By end of 2020, we would like to achieve <MIS-1000> vision
  • M - Malaysia
  • I - Indonesia
  • S - Singapore
  • 1000 - total no of centres who enjoy using AOne


As we grow, we are focusing these on our employees:
  • - Be an no-ego doer
  • - Deliver WOW through any of AOne's services
  • - Pursue growth and learning personally & as a team
  • - Build an open & honest relationship within ourselves
  • - Trusting each other and commit to authentic relationship
  • - Build a positive team & family spirit
  • - Be passionate & determined
  • - Never give up spirit like a cockroach!
  • - Work hard & play hard. Have fun!

We work like a GEAR System

We are keep on growing & growing... We can be a BIG BIG Cruise carrying a lot of AOne members on-board.

Nevertheless, if we wish to go far & steady with good foundation, each member is playing role like a gear in the whole GEAR system

In order for whole Gear system to work smoothly, every GEAR has to move. If one GEAR stuck, the whole system stuck.

But neighbouring GEAR can pull the stucked GEAR so the system can work efficiently again..

To do this, our relationship between each GEAR must be closed enough, hence we can only go for extra miles, helping for each other...

Let's build a culture & value deep, meaningful, authentic, genuine, heartfelt RELATIONSHIP with our team members.

By end of 2020, we would like to achieve <MIS-1000> vision
  • M - Malaysia
  • I - Indonesia
  • S - Singapore
  • 1000 - total no of centres who enjoy using AOne