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Creative Content Designer and Video Editor

Visual Design (Graphics, Interior, UI/UX, etc.)
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Shah Alam, Selangor

About The Job

  • Produce Design Concepts
initialize a project by coming up with a general concept and presenting the idea with a rough layout that might include sketches or digital illustrations. Work in collaboration with managers, digital marketer, artists and other designers to evaluate the credibility of the design and to provide solutions for possible issues relating to the actual production of this design.

  • Assist with Prototype Development
Once the design has been approved, it will enter a production stage in which a prototype can be created. The Creative Designer will once again collaborate with a team to ensure that the prototype is created within project specifications and expectations.

Job Requirements

  1. Core skills
    • Presenting concept visualization through sketches, drawings and illustrations
    • Overseeing design changes and improvements throughout the development process
    • Integrating technical and visual solutions into a design concept
    • Understanding trends within the scope of the industry they are working in
    • Using graphic design and other relevant software
    • Video editing - manage material such as camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects to produce a final film or video product. This is a key role in the post-production process and your skills can determine the quality and delivery of the finished result.

  1. Advanced skills
    • Proficiency in Adobe systems  (Adobe Premium Pro) such as Photoshop and Flash
    • Possess an understanding of advertising campaigns

Our Culture


Ade Azhar Trading Sdn Bhd sebuah syarikat yang menjalankan perniagaan dan pengedaran berbentuk buku buku Ilmiah. Syarikat memiliki sendiri pasukan jualan yang dilatih sendiri oleh pelatih di dalam syarikat ini. Pasukan jualan yang dimiliki bukan sahaja mantap untuk melakukan proses jualan malah mereka juga dilatih untuk menjual apa jenis barang yang diberikan sekalipun. Untuk sesebuah syarikat pengeluar yang ingin menggunakan perkhidmatan syarikat kami, mereka perlu memberikan hak pengedaran sepenuhnya kepada syarikat Ade Azhar Trading ini.


Ade Azhar Trading Sdn Bhd sebuah syarikat yang menjalankan perniagaan dan pengedaran berbentuk buku buku Ilmiah.