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Database Administrator

IT - General
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Mercu 2, KL Eco City, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

Job Summary
The successful candidate will be responsible for the database monitoring, performance and optimization of the Company.

Key Responsibilities
  • Familiar with Linux. 
  • Lead the effort on database performance and optimization. 
  • Implement and release database changes according to agreed schedule.
  • Experience in open source DB database management (e.g. MySQL, MariaDB etc.) 
  • Experience with system and database monitoring, including network connection, system status, SQL statement tuning. 
  • Experience with utilizing tools, shell scripts to solve routine tasks. 
  • Experience with cluster architecture 
  • Experience with database system planning, design, build, restore, upgrade, backup management is a plus. 
  • Able to cooperate with weekdays / holiday shift. 

Job Requirements

  • Verbal and written communications in English and Mandarin. 

  • Candidate must have at least a Diploma/Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science/ Information Technology or its equivalent. 

  • At least 5 years of working experience in the related field. 

Specific skills & abilities: 
  1. Skill stack: 
  • 3+ years of specific experience with MySQL administration for large-scale systems 
  • 5+ years of general experience in the tech industry 
  • Experience configuring and managing database architecture, including load balancing, caching, disaster recovery, upgrading, migration, etc. 

2. Main Tech Stack: 
  • Database: MySQL 
  • Public Cache: AWS ElastiCache + Redis 
  • Data Index and Search: ElasticSearch 

3. Optional Teck Stack: 
  • Log Real-time Visualization: ElasticSearch + Logstash + Kibana 
  • Business Monitoring: Graphite + Grafana 
  • Server Operation System: CentOS 
  • Cluster Monitoring: Zabbix + AWS Cloud watch 

Our Culture


Co-founded by a team of tech savvy entrepreneurs, Acora is a venture specializing in a multitude of services to create the right technological solution for our clients. We strive to provide a complete innovation ecosystem to assist enterprises bridge the gap in the process of digital transformation. Today, Acora has a broad portfolio of numerous small to medium-sized companies that have grown or even expanded their business scopes with our help. 

The rapidly growing importance of global digital transformation means that more and more businesses are leveraging new technology to optimize their operations at greater efficiency. With Acora’s well-established global network in cloud and operation support, we are able to seamlessly provide end-to-end solutions with a much shorter project timeline. 


API Integration
Established by a group of diligent developers, Acora’s API Integration is a secure and powerful tool that allows clients to run client-server applications, web services, and database applications. Our API service allows an easy reach to a wide range of browsers and mobile devices.

Artificial Intelligence Function
Adopting the best attributes from machine learning algorithms, data mining technology, and smart automation, Acora’s AI Function makes everything easier and faster. Acora’s AI has a self-learning feature that is able to analyze and record complex data in addition to memorizing past trends for predictive analysis to suit clients’ potential marketing needs.

Machine Learning Algorithm
With the utilization of advanced Data Mining Technique, Acora has developed a powerful Machine Learning Algorithm (MLA) that is able to assist you with initial information collection, further data classification, and deeper data analysis to produce easily understandable and evolving statistics.

Data Analysis System
Acora’s Data Analysis System has a unique analytics technology that is able to help breakdown large complex data quickly into a user-friendly, visualized, and scalable analysis report. The data analysis system will transform any complicated statistics and information into relevant comprehensible data.