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Social Media Manager

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Subang Jaya, Selangor

About The Job

  • Lead a digital team together with our Digital Strategist and Art Director, managing every stage of the creative process from setting goals and developing campaign concepts to managing copy and design, creating content calendars and mock-ups, executing the strategy and writing post-campaign analysis/reports. 
  • Focus on day-to-day strategic and content planning and supervising the production/execution of social content.
  • Develop and implement strong social media marketing plans (strategy, audience targeting, objectives, strategies, measurement and analytics) to create and grow brand presence across social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, blogs and so forth)
  • Collaborate and lead the content team and creative team to execute social media contents for brands.
  • Work with community manager assigned to monitor community sentiments for brands assigned.
  • Monitor and capitalise on social media, design, strategy and meme trends.
  • Identify potential negative or crisis situations and apply conflict resolution to mitigate issues.
  • Manage social pages with social management tools (we use Sprout Social).
  • Prepare monthly social media report for brands assigned.

Job Requirements

•       Experienced in giving feedback on digital creative assets
•       Minimum 3 years experience in marketing, with at least 2 of these years in a social media role
•       Detail-oriented and thorough - capable of seeing the little details and the big picture
•       A confident team leader
•       Superior time management and structured processes
•       Always eager to learn and improve practices
•       Fluent in spoken/written English; Malay is a bonus
•       Social media copywriting ability is a further bonus

Our Culture


Can a company really bring about positive change? We say it’s possible. That’s why we’re here to challenge accepted norms. To say a company can prosper by ALWAYS doing the right thing. To treat all people with respect and integrity, and to have the boldness to disrupt the status quo for the betterment of all. To have a work environment where people can feel safe to explore and thrive. Where excellence is a daily occurrence, not a rare feat, so that we can impact our world and beyond in positive, life-altering ways.

We exist to be the change.

We are 4 Thirteen.


We pride ourselves on intriguing viral, social media and web campaigns that beg to be passed around. And pass around they do, winning hearts and minds for our clients across the Internet.

We always have our eyes wide open for the next big thing online, whether it’s cutting-edge knowledge, technology, or creative innovation.