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Business Development Intern

Sales (Corporate, Real Estate, Telesales, etc.)
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Puchong, Selangor

About The Job

You will be reaching out and connecting with a diverse group of clients.  Providing them the best possible solutions to improve their culture and performance.  

Job Requirements

1.  Passionate to connect and work with people
2.  Self-discipline and able to execute tasks with minimum monitoring
3.  Able to converse in both Bahasa Malaysia and English
4.  Familiar with office software and social media (e.g., Linkedin)
5.  Ability to multitask and good problem-solving skills. 
6.  Enthusiastic and willing to learn new things.

Our Culture


Aaron founded 1Training with the vision to empower people to be better and achieve their dreams. He is one of the most dynamic trainers, speakers, and coaches in the training industry. He has over 15 years of training and coaching experience ranging from small startup companies to large MNCs with thousands of employees. He has excellent language skills conversing fluently in English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Mandarin. With his strong language skills, solid education background, and continuous learning, he is able to manage and reach people at all levels. Importantly, he stays current with his passion to learn.

He has a dynamic speaking ability with a humorous approach, he loves to be challenged by his participants which is uncommon in this industry. One of his quotes is “I’ll be very excited if you ask a question which I can not answer and I will reward you if that happens”. He believes learning comes alive when people are at ease, curious, and discover as though they are exploring new paths in life. He has worked with over 400 companies and coaches thousands of people annually in Malaysia and Greater China.

Aaron is also a professional cartoonist and he founded to create cartoon based learning tools for children and adults. 


We are a training provider serving both the domestic and international marketplace.  We deliver our services both F2F (face-to-face), virtual, and through our LMS system.  

We have a unique and dynamic facilitating/coaching methodology, led by our founder and also an international speaker – Mr. Aaron Lee.  We deliver practical and results-driven workshops and collaborate with global learning centers to bring in the latest learning tools.    We help organizations to achieve a breakthrough in both people development and bottom-line results.

We deliver both virtual and F2F coaching and workshops.  We use the latest learning technologies, gamification, experiential learning to maximize learning outputs.  We continue to assist our clients to constantly outperform in areas of people development, change management, customer service, offline to online (O2O), hiring and recruitment, talent management, team building, culture development, performance management, retail management, motivation, and entrepreneur mindset