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Frequently Asked Questions


About your Job Applications

1. How do I apply for jobs?


You can start by creating an account at and upload your latest CV.

Your CV will be reviewed within 1 working day and once it has been approved, you can start applying for your dream job.

2. What sort of jobs does WOBB provide?


We have all sorts of jobs listed on our website including creative, sales and marketing, accounting and finance, technology, consulting, management trainee positions and more. Our focus is on professional office jobs, and we are always working hard to increase the number and quality of jobs on our platform.

3. What is the status of my job application?


The status of your application will be changed to "viewed" once the employer has viewed your CV. If an employer marks your application as shortlisted, KIV, or rejected, you will also be able to see this from your job application status.

You do not need to do anything at this point except to be aware of phone calls and emails from potential employers who would like to invite you for interviews.

4. How long does it take for the employer to get back to me if I’m shortlisted?


This process varies from company to company. Please see the previous question to understand how WOBB assists in tracking your application status.

5. Can I cancel the job application that I’ve sent out?


There is a 30-minute cancellation window once you apply for jobs via WOBB.

On our mobile app, click on the Account section from the menu on the bottom right > click on Job Application History > click on the Pending tab > press Cancel Application to cancel any unwanted/accidental job applications. If the job shows “Application Sent”, the application has passed the 30-minute cancellation window and it is no longer possible to withdraw the application.

On our website, simply click on your profile icon on the top right hand corner, click on Job Application History, then click on Pending and cancel any unwanted/accidental job applications.

6. Why is the status of my job application “pending”?


The 30-minute cancellation window is to allow you to withdraw any unwanted/accidental job applications in the Pending list. However, after 30 minutes, your application will be sent out to the employer, and will be removed from the Pending List. This cannot be withdrawn.

About Your CV

1. Why does WOBB screen CVs?


WOBB promises quality CVs to employers that post jobs with us, that is why we screen every single CV that is uploaded to our platform.

2. Why is my CV rejected?


We can only approve CVs that fulfill the following criteria:

  • Malaysians or non-Malaysians with visas / permits to work in Malaysia or with work experience in Malaysia.
  • Complete CVs that contain your contact details e.g. email, mobile phone number etc.

Not to worry, if you have you've forgotten to add any of the needed information mentioned above, you can simply update and re-upload your CV on WOBB through your jobseeker dashboard.

3. Do I need a cover letter to apply for jobs on WOBB?


It is not necessary to upload a cover letter to apply for jobs on WOBB. However, uploading a video cover letter is highly recommended as it will increase your chances of getting shortlisted!

4. What happens to the job applications that I sent out before my CV is approved?


Your job applications made when your CV is uploaded and pending approval will be automatically sent out to the employer after it is approved.

About Your Account

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