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Gen Y are passionate and radical.

Once they want something, they want it immediately.
So, how do we make sure that what they want is a job at your company?

The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Malaysian Gen Y Talent.

Understand the best course of action to attract quality Gen Y jobseekers.

Even if you were not born as part of the Gen Y population, understanding this rising generation does not have to be complicated. In fact, there are a number of people in Malaysia who have studied this topic and developed easy to apply conclusions, explaining the most important drivers of millennial behaviour.

In this guide, you will jump into the Gen Y mind. You will learn how to better understand the Gen Y jobseekers that you have to face these days. You’ll have access to plenty of advice from leading experts in psychology, economics and marketing.

1. Get To Know The Psychological Profile Of Malaysian Gen Y

In this section, we’ll focus on the values of the generation and how they are different from the generations before and after them.

What were the core social events in the world and in Malaysia that impacted this generation as they grew up? How can you use this knowledge when designing your recruitment process?

Knowing these key psychological drivers will help you to choose the right messages in your job promotion tactics. You’ll know how to emphasise the right benefits of the company that would incentivise Gen Y jobseekers to apply for your job.

2. Get To Know The Economic Profile of Malaysian Gen Y

Here, we’ll focus on economic factors that have influenced Malaysian Gen Y. You’ll learn about their financial expectations and how to address them.

For this generation, financial factors are of course important, but money is not the only factor that drives Gen Y. In this part, you’ll learn how to communicate about salary and other company benefits in a way that is most likely appeal to Gen Y jobseekers.

3. Learn How To Market Jobs To Gen Y

We all know where to find Gen Y, it’s no big news that they are on social media day and night. Now, it’s a matter of building your dialogue with them and formulating the right message to position your job and your company.

Creating marketing messages is a fun and easy process that can enrich your recruitment campaigns and help you attract the best candidates. We will incorporate all that you’ve learnt about Gen Y’s psychological and economical profile.

You’ll be able to think like a marketer and practice creating your recruitment messages using a few highly effective pre-made message formulas.

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