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Our Mission

Founded in 2014, WOBB is fast on its way to becoming Malaysia's leading career platform. Today, we are on an unwavering mission to be Asia’s most loved job search platform that helps people discover any job with any employer in the market.

Seeking to provide an alternative to a text-heavy web-based job seeking experience, WOBB uses mobile technology and rich media content to bring the human experience of job hunting to the digital world.

Our website and mobile app features company pages that allow job seekers to assess culture fit with potential employers - saving time for everyone.

Our Values

About speed. Can you complete task quickly, ahead of deadlines?

About choosing activities that require the least time and money to get the maximum results. Say no to activities that do not efficiently use our time and money.

About willingness to try new things to improving our business, but not blindly without considering whether the risk is worth the potential reward.

About customer service, to give high quality service to our customers that makes them impressed.

About your effort, are you putting in the maximum effort to complete your KPIs and deliver your work?

About teamwork and giving recognition. We want a culture where people are helping each other and saying “thank you” all the time to show appreciation to others.

About communication. Speak your mind kindly and transparently with the right intention, not behind peoples’ backs.

About proactively doing what is needed without being asked. Taking ownership and accountability of your work, not just sitting around waiting for instructions.

About producing high quality work. And your commitment to keep pushing boundaries and getting better.

Our Team
The Big Boss
I build great teams and then try to point everyone in the right direction.

Derek Toh

Founder & CEO

Jack of all trades. Geek. Recruitment genius. Loves building kick-ass teams. Potential Night DJ. Superhero movies. Always curious.

The Ops Team
Meticulous and careful, we, the BTS heroes walk the path of the tranquil. Our responsibilities include putting out fires, as well as taking measures to prevent them from starting in the first place. Very much like Tooth Fairies, you may not see us place the dime under your pillow, but we were there...


Director of Finance

A multi-tasker. Always struck by wanderlust. Loves food and bunnies. A nomad wannabe and a DREAMER.


Senior Executive, People & Culture

Don’t study me, you won’t graduate (But here’s your cheat sheet) | Controlled alcoholic except on Friday nights | Avid Gamer = PlayStation > Xbox | Anime is NOT cartoon people | I carry a knife... But that’s just incase of cake = Basic Foodie | Spotify = Oxygen for the soul | Live by the saying Love IS Love |


Special Officer to CEO

An optimist that is also known as a plant murderer in the office, even though I REALLY love plants. Love/ hate relationship for all things horror and thriller. Live by the saying the only way to do something, is to do it!


Accounts & Admin Executive

An ambivert. Adventurous at times. Used to think I was a tad indecisive, but now I’m not quite sure. Always hungry and still recovering from Suki-Ya addiction lol.

The Tech Team
Who runs the App? Us! Who runs the Web? Us! We are the ones responsible for improving your experience on both the website and mobile app.


Chief Technology Officer

Pythonian webaholic. Reformed gadget junkie and Google fanboy. Foodism acolyte, FOSS advocate and retired gamer.


Senior Mobile App Developer

Got into software development by chance but now it’s my passion. Quiet at first, pretty lame after. Android enthusiast and tech nerd. Last but not least, always watch movie alone (pre-covid) cause why not `smiley face`.


App Developer

Here to bridge the gender gap, lol and raise text neck syndrome awareness. Energised by fun facts and colour coordinations. Always asking, 'OK! What's next?'.


Web Developer

Engineer turned programmer. 10% movie addict, 20% matcha devotee, 15% anime fanatic, 5% gym buff, 50% gaming nerd, & a 100% tech enthusiast!

Wai Hoo

Mobile App Developer

Ipohian but a vegetarian that can't recommend food to those who are travelling to Ipoh. I'm also an introvert and an anime fan that watch every anime season. And the most important thing is - `Anime is not for kids!`

The Marketing Team
The fact that you’re reading this means we did something right. Awesome branding and content brought to you via social media, ads, emails and events, powered by memes and coffee.


Head of Strategic Growth

A loud extrovert. There's no such thing as switching her brain off. Problem: wants to get down to business but is easily distracted. Solution: High quality headphones. Always looking forward to getting sunburnt on a remote island.


Team Lead, Marketing

Over-thinking and over-preparing for the worst is how I make airtight plans. Fan of psychological thrillers and tech innovations. The Office is the best TV comedy series, feel free to agree.


Senior Community Developer

Tall and sings annoyingly. Ashley by day, Eleanor by night. Hmu for GoNoodle anyday, anytime!


Digital Marketing Executive

Extremely extroverted and hence, dubbed the `Office Clown`. Music keeps me sane. I'm always up for anything sporty. Sorry but don't call me out on weekends 'cause I'm partying with Jesus hah. I'm kidding. But for real though.


Social Media Executive

Before starting at WOBB, I used to spell doesn't as dosen't. I am now reformed. Disney kid at heart with a deep love for anything magical. Bribe with ice cream.

The Creative Team
We are the secret sauce - a branding content studio consisting of a team of talented creative individuals. We specialize in attracting talented young jobseekers through hassle free content creation and creative solutions. To put it simply, we make things helpful AND pretty!


Team Leader, Creative

A creative and analytical weirdo with a constant itch to create something new. Always fascinated by arts and science and everything in between. Feels most at home surrounded by trees.


Senior Creative Producer

Passionate in translating sights & actions into motion pictures. Anything Wes Anderson, Navel oranges, Film photography, Jazz, The Beatles, basically anything vintage & intellectually weird. If you dig these, we will click with ease.


Creative Producer

Eligible enough to be an Akatsuki member. Katniss Everdeen is my spirit animal. Down for thriftshops adventure anyday. A supermodel or a professional archer, in another life. Honey we need to frickin save turtles, because without turtles, we wouldn't have turtles.


Production Coordinate

Creative team middle man, Virgo sun and Naruto veteran. A full-time dessert fiend who paints during her free time. Talents include looking chill while internally screaming. I want, I got it - for RM5 at the nearest bundle!


Creative Producer

Horror and anime junkie and somewhat an introvert. If she comes across as a weirdo, she's not. She's just in her element. She's nice, she promised to be.


Creative Executive

Penang Lang and defo a food lover. An introvert but I enjoy social events as a bystander. Art is my passion and I always get lost in my own world. If you see me being alone or far from the crowd, that's probably me turning into power saving mode.

The Corporate Sales Team
If a picture is worth a thousand words, employer branding will leave your competitors speechless and job seekers amazed. With experienced consultants at the ready, don’t leave things to chance. Reach out to us and get started!


Manager, Corporate Solutions

Do or Die. Explorer. Daredevil. 2 wheels > 4 wheels. Vehement about Culinary and Baking.


Senior Sales Consultant

A sports enthusiast and WOBB's resident stand up comic. If I am not in the office making everyone laugh, I am most probably having chilly pan mee with no less than 5 scoops of chilli.


Senior Sales Consultant

I'm either the most supportive colleague, or the saltiest. I don't do in-betweens. They say I have a terrible laugh, I think they just have bad taste. I live life for the LOL's.


Sales Consultant

The man with many a.k.a’s, e.g. “Imba Ben”, “Oppa Ben”, “Magic Ben” etc (depending on the occasion). The Phua-nny one in the office.

The Inside Sales Team
We are the best 'Gurus' who are dedicated to give you mind-blowing guidance on how you can attract the best talent in town and get your hiring done much faster than usual.


Manager, Inside Sales

My friends call me Tiger as I am fast, focused and never miss my target. I am also a die hard fan of Super Star Rajinikath and Superman.


Senior Sales Consultant

I’m a very easy going person and enjoy making friends. Love to be surrounded by cheerful people. Very jovial and love to have fun. Love reading novels especially love stories. In a nutshell I’m a very colourful person.


Senior Sales Consultant

I speak spectacular cantonese but sadly no one in the team does. So here I am speaking England which can also be very gud. I was once laughed at for pronouncing gel as 'jiao', and dodgy as 'doggy'. I can be really funny.


Sales Consultant

I might be shy at first but I'm a pretty bubbly person once you get to know me. I crave for adventures & I'm in love with beautiful sceneries.


Sales Consultant

An extrovert & outgoing person. Challenge taker, believes that life only begins at the end of your comfort zone! Passionate musician who only plays and listens to house music but respects everyone's taste in art. Share your fave playlist and we can start talking all day.


Sales Consultant

I was born cool, but global warming made me hot. I am called panther because I never let go of targets, I'm out here hustling to claim what's mine. I am a nice person to mingle with once you know me better, so lets have a coffee!

The Sales Ops Team
If sales team is the army, we are the command center! We create, improve and optimise a sustainable sales infrastructure so that the sales team can focus on bringing home the bread.

Yee Lyn

Manager, Sales Strategy and Operations

Grabs life, one Snapchat at a time. Would rather be rolling around in bed listening to Bruno Mars. Balding due to incredible brain activity. Most likely to annoy others with incredible vocal talents that unfortunately only work in a car.


Senior Relationship Manager

Football enthusiast. Always down for some good food and sports. Got used to saying: `my name is Jeff` from 21 Jumpstreet. Sarcastic at times but i'm only joking, lol.


Sales Operations Executive

#perlisissosmall, me as well. Karap is my grandfather. I drove MRT to work. Self-proclaimed Michelin chef. Only allergic to unpleasant food. Full-time toilet Orchestra singer. Siti Nurhaliza knows me but Beyonce doesn't. To be continued...


Senior Relationship Manager

Ambassador for Bangkok, passionate about broadway, with a unique taste in music. Coffee enthusiast. Wanderlust, dreams to travel to Machu Picchu (if only it didn't cost 20k).

The Recruitment Team
A group of passionate and people-oriented headhunters who desire to help employers find quality talents, not only based on their working experiences and education level, but also emphasize on culture and attitude.


Manager, Recruitment Solutions

Cat-like personality, treat me right or I bite!! A big fan of Coca- Cola, cats and sugar gliders. Extrovert only during working time.


Senior Recruitment Consultant

An ambivert, who loves to annoy her team and freak them out if it means putting a smile on their faces. I’m passionate in whatever it is I do, especially if I believe it will help make someone’s world a slightly better place.


Senior Recruitment Consultant

A dog lover, especially Pomeranians!! | Typical Penang Lang who doesn’t love spicy food.. I can be an extrovert if you know me or an introvert if you dont I PS: Get me a coffee and we will be friends!